255567_431518750202646_1672265232_n-1Central Highlands Historical Association [CHHA] is a vital link in the regional history network being the umbrella association for over 30 historical societies, museums and family history organisations in the central highlands region of Victoria. CHHA continues to be an active and innovative organisation. It is represented at Local and State levels on matters of joint concern to its members.

Banner photograph: Australia Day, Bungaree, Dorothy Wickham

Aims and Purposes: 

Formed in 1984 the inaugural CHHA meeting was held on Saturday 23 June 1984, at the Ballarat City Library in Camp Street, Ballarat.

  • A main focus of CHHA is to assist its member societies by developing and maintaining resources and information networks.
  • To promote history and heritage in the region
  • To encourage the preservation and conservation of heritage
  • To promote and encourage easier public access to records through local museums and societies


There have been a few trials and tribulations, and COVID 19 has kept many at home over the past couple of years, but CHHA continues to be a positive force within the Central Highlands. It advocates for heritage and history on many committees. The Association represents the views of its members to local and state bodies, and heritage committees. The Central Highlands Historical Association is such a worthwhile body run by an intelligent and thoughtful committee. The common bond that unites societies is the sharing of ideas, projects, problems, and resources. From 1984 CHHA has held expos, produced journals, implemented Displan (plan for any potential disasters such as bush fires, floods and so on), and held open days and workshops. Member societies support other members in their endeavours and a wonderful feeling of cooperation from like minded individuals has existed for nearly 50 years.


Meetings are again being held at venues in 2021.

Anne Beggs-Sunter, the current President of CHHA, presided over a meeting at the Ballarat Observatory on Saturday 15 May 2021. The meeting was well attended by current membership holders.

Meetings 2021

Ordinary Meetings are held on Saturdays. 10.00am for 10.30am start


To be announced


Meetings 2017

Ordinary Meetings are held on Saturdays. 10.00am for 10.30am start



3 JUNE 2017            BACCHUS MARSH


4 NOVEMBER         BUNGAREE – AGM – Moorabool Reservoir Pavilion


Ordinary Meetings are held on Saturdays. 10.00am for 10.30am start

5 Mar 2016                   CRESWICK

7 May 2016                   DAYLESFORD

6 Aug 2016                    BALLARAT

5 Nov 2016                    AVOCA – AGM

Committee 2017

  • Carolyn Haas (President)
  • Derek Reid (Vice President)
  • Tony O’Shea (Treasurer)
  • Dorothy Wickham (Secretary)
  • Chrissy Stancliffe (Committee)
  • Frances Fiddian (Committee)
  • Pam Toom (Committee)
  • Simon  Dennis (Committee)

CONTACT: PO Box 139W, Ballarat West, VICTORIA, 3350

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Well done CHHA on a great day at Buninyong for your AGM. Congratulations Carolyn Haas on nomination as president, Marj Poole as vice-president, Tony O’Shea as Treasurer and other committee members. Thanks to Anne Beggs Sunter and Simon Dennis for a beautiful walk around Buninyong historic village.

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    1. Good afternoon. Am.i able to buy any copies of the central highlands historical journal? After coming across volume 2 1994 in a used book store , I have thoroughly enjoyed it’s contents and wish to purchase more. Are you able to assist me with this?
      I would be very grateful
      Yours kindly
      Elizabeth Polglase 😀😀😀


      1. Hello Elizabeth, I think some of the societies still have copies of the journal for sale. It’s a great journal with some really good articles. Regards Dot Wickham


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